Deb Kunce is a registered Architect applying creative design strategies with actionable implementation. She leads CORE Planning Strategies, a management and consulting firm focused on Facility Planning and Project Implementation services ensuring clients THINK ahead, PLAN for efficiency, and REALIZE their vision when executing design and construction projects.

In recent years, Deb was an Associate with Schmidt Associates, Inc where her work had been in traditional practice and in Program Management, serving clients through the execution of large capital programs.

She served as Project Manager on capital programs, energy audits, LEED projects, facility standards development, and public outreach initiatives and brings the unique perspective of both serving and representing Owners in large and small scale facility projects.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design, planning, and construction industry, Deb’s work transcends market types to positively impact communities.


Deb led the Indianapolis Public Schools’ (IPS) $695 million dollar Capital Improvements Program grounded in the mission to “Improve Student Achievement through Improving their Environments”. Deb created the strategy and drove the implementation of this capital program, resulting in improvements to over 45 Indianapolis neighborhoods and energy reductions for the district that exceeded 25%.

She was also instrumental in ensuring Indianapolis Charter School, Christel House Academy, created an economical and efficient new building to serve their emerging high school program. With plans to expand to their second site, Deb is again guiding their organization to expand their programming to serve the underserved populations of Indianapolis.

Also, under Deb’s leadership, Schmidt Strategies, in partnership with MGT of America, expanded nationally to provide educational facility master planning projects in St. Louis, Missouri, Brookline, Massachusetts, the State of Colorado, and Arlington, Virginia and internationally to the Country of Georgia.



Deb led the development of energy audits for 18 Indiana communities, identifying more than 13% energy savings. Each community received multiple Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) ideas that would reduce and conserve energy consumption and save resources within their municipality. The plan also identified policies that would increase responsible energy practices. The Community Energy Program was funded through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, a federally funded program of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and that was administered by the Indiana Office of Energy Development.

She has also led a community growth plan for the Town of McCordsville to assess “growth opportunity areas” and ensure responsible planning and protection of the community’s quality of life. The team worked with Town leadership and community stakeholders to understand McCordsville’s existing resources and challenges to growth. The plan resulted in a comprehensive understanding of infrastruture inventories, community insights, and the ultimate impact of growth for their community.

Deb led the State of Indiana Facility Assessment and Master Plan of over one million square feet of government owned and leased space, developing a plan for more effective Space Utilization, and planning for a Paperless Environment for all state agencies.


Deb prepared the Architectural and Engineering Facility Standards for Ivy Tech Community College, one of the largest community colleges in the nation. Deb also created standard operating procedures for their new centralized delivery process for capital projects.


Deb prepared Architectural and Engineering Facility Standards for Wishard Health Community Health Centers, serving the needs of the underserved in her community. Deb employed her experience with large scale construction projects to develop new contract standards utilizing the AIA contract documents as the basis and developed a new standard specification front end that will be used on all future capital projects.

She leads clients to a greater focus on achieving their strategic facility goals and improving efficiencies. She has also used her expertise in this area to influence public policy through legislative changes in the K-12 education arena.


She is a recognized leader in this area and has spoken to the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), the National Association of Independent Finance Advisors, and the Indiana Association of School Boards on such topics as “Creating Architectural and Space Standards – a comprehensive planning process”, “Long Term Capital Planning”, “Taking Ownership in Facility Change”, “Leadership and Your Future”, and “Facility Referendum Strategies”.

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