Why do Businesses Need Architects?

Why do you need an Architect? The answer to that question has been a major tenant of the AIA’s outreach for years. Our Institute has developed programs and educational material and our members have invested time and resources, all toward educating clients and communities about the benefits of working with an Architect.

We’ve talked about technical issues and local requirements and promoted the value of strategic planning and good design and even preached on the vital importance of sustainability.

Now I think it’s time we take a step back and talk in more general terms.

Above any other professionals, we’re suited for connecting all the players in the building industry. We’re often the connection between the developers, the builders, the Officials, the agents and the users. It is our work that guides the process and drives efficiency in the industry. Our contributions lead to economic returns.

Architects are good for business.

I’ve asked you before to “tell the whole story.” I suspect that sometime in the next week you’ll have a conversation with someone in the business community. Instead of explaining how the cost of your services are ‘worth it.’ Ask them who else will be the glue that binds their project? Who else can guide them from the planning process to their ribbon cutting and beyond? Who else can help them navigate the process that leads to their business success?

Help them understand that Architects are good for their business.

How are you helping businesses succeed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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