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By the time you read this, AIA Grassroots 2013 will have come and gone.

As is the tradition at our annual Leadership and Legislative Conference we took care of official business, visited Capitol Hill and talked about the important issues of our time. Candidates for national offices (including myself) gave their first speeches of the campaign season. Our Repositioning partners, LaPlaca Cohen and Pentagram, presented their final recommendations and we talked about leadership.

You can read a transcript of my speech here.

I think I was most encouraged by the level of engagement from our Emerging Professionals and members of the Young Architect’s Forum. After all, THEY are our future leaders.

Heading into the conference this year something was weighing on my mind. Yes, I was preparing to deliver one of the most important speeches of my life, but that wasn’t really it. As I prepared to leave for Washington and practiced my speech, my daughter asked me:

“Do Architects See the Future Differently than Other People?”

Well, do they? It was the “aha moment” that caused me to view the Grassroots conference from a perspective that I may not have had in the past.

As you’ll hear, I incorporated the question into my first national speech as Candidate for First Vice President / President Elect of the American Institute of Architects. This speech was the next step in my mission to answer a challenge from my mentor that started with AIAS and has led me to the post of Vice President of the American Institute of Architects.

I’m asking you for your support and your vote. I want to be your First Vice President / President Elect.

Now, like my mentor challenged me, I’m challenging you. Join me. This is OUR time. Join me in making OUR Institute stronger, OUR Profession more relevant and OUR world a better place.

How are you leading? Whether you lead in your firm, in your community or in the Institute, I’d like to know about it. Tell me by leaving a comment below.

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