The True Value of an Architect – Tell the Whole Story

If we are going to prove the true value of an Architect to our society, to stem the erosion of our profession as it were, we need action. We need concrete action and impactful action. Many people think of Architects as designers of buildings; and we are. But what is our true and full impact? Aren’t we more valuable to our communities than just being those people that “draw blueprints?”

As Samuel Mockbee, the consummate “Citizen Architect” proved, we share a common motivation to serve the public good; to make a difference in the lives of others. Many went before Mockbee and many, many more will follow in the spirit of embracing their community, extending a hand and helping them to a better place.

We have colleagues across the nation serving their communities through Zoning Boards and School Boards, by being proponents of Sustainability or Public Transportation. They are impacting our future.

Every day, everything an Architect does has some impact on our lives. “People need places to live, work, eat and play. So, no matter where you go, you can see the impact of architects’ work.” That’s how the California Architects Board puts it.

Continue to serve; continue to make a difference through your generosity and your leadership. Continue to be the “Citizen Architect” and prove the true and full impact of our great profession on communities and lives. Continue to lead. And next time you talk about your latest project, talk about the architecture, the light and the proportion. But also talk about the impact of that project, on the community, on jobs, on lives.

Tell the whole story.

What impact are you making? Let me know.

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