AIA Grassroots 2011

AIA 2011 Grassroots Candidate Speech
Deb Kunce, FAIA

When I was a young graduate, my mentor tapped me and politely said, “Deb, it is your time to get involved with AIA.” My first reaction was: I’m already working 60 hours a week. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mentor had a plan for me and for AIA.  It started with a simple statement, ”it is your time.”

My name is Deb Kunce, FAIA, and I am a candidate for Vice President. As I look across this room of AIA leaders, I am inspired because you, too, answered the call, because “It is your time.” What an exciting and daunting time to be an Architect and AIA leader. I believe our future is unlimited – and yet we are not out of the woods with this challenging economy.

AIA members are working harder with fewer resources – and more uncertainty – than ever.    In this time of great change, we strive to uphold our tradition of excellence, while also challenging traditional thinking.    Through AIA, our profession must vigorously rise to meet these challenges, and we will need leaders willing to act.

Now just a few short years ago, I was a local and state component president.  I KNOW and RESPECT how important it is for national leaders to reach out across the Institute to craft initiatives important to state and local components and our members.

My friends and colleagues know me as a highly collaborative leader that is both actions and results oriented.  I am committed to creating a culture of teamwork while taking BOLD actions to achieve our strategic goals.

As Chairman of the National Integrated Media Task Force, I led the national board to the unprecedented decision to select our first Integrated Media Partner, Hanley Wood.  I believe this BOLD step will increase the value of AIA membership and expand member expertise.

So, together, what is OUR NEXT BOLD Action?

No matter what is next for our beloved profession, I remain convinced AIA leadership is more relevant than ever.

In a year of Executive transition, and continued uncertainty, AIA must design BOLD solutions for our future.

I believe this is OUR TIME to design OUR FUTURE.

My name is Deb Kunce, FAIA. I ask for your BOLD ideas, your support, and your vote!!

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